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The National Gateway has been endorsed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Conservation Fund.

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Removing Freight Bottlenecks

The National Gateway will clear routes from Mid Atlantic seaports to Midwest markets and distribution centers that currently suffer from freight bottlenecks.

To increase transportation efficiency, rail lines must be upgraded and bridges and tunnels must be raised to accommodate double-stack freight trains on vital routes. Double-stack trains deliver twice as many goods on one trip, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings1. Currently, the rail infrastructure on the National Gateway routes is not equipped to accommodate double-stack freight trains.

As the rate of freight shipping increases, shipping routes will become more congested, raising transportation costs and crowding passenger and other transportation services. Clearing the routes for double-stack trains to move freely between Mid Atlantic ports and Midwest markets will greatly increase the capacity of these lines and will speed the transport of freight throughout the nation2.

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