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Meeting Challenges That Face the Port

The Baltimore Sun (Letters)

In response to The Sun's editorial "Double port trouble" (Aug. 7), I would note that we need to make all investments possible for the port of Baltimore's future. The port is critical to the Mid-Atlantic region and tremendously important to the region's economy.

Railroads are a crucial mode of transportation for the port, especially today, as highway congestion in the region worsens. I support increasing freight railroad capacity at the port.

According to The Sun's editorial, the port's capacity to double-stack freight containers on rail cars is limited because of aging tunnel infrastructure. But there is hope.

There is legislation before Congress, the Freight Railroad Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act, that could help spur infrastructure expansion by providing tax credits for projects that increase capacity.

Perhaps this bill could help us meet some of the port's challenges.

Rochelle "Rikki" Spector, Baltimore

The writer is a member of the City Council.