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CSX CEO Touts National Gateway Benefits for Maryland

Baltimore, MD - September 22, 2010 - CSX CEO Michael J. Ward discussed the National Gateway's benefits for the state of Maryland at the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) 2010 Transportation Summit today in Baltimore.

"We are proud to work with the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore to drive sustainable economic growth and enhance the Port of Baltimore's market access reach," said Ward. "The National Gateway is a perfect example of how public and private interests can work together to strengthen the economy while also reducing the environmental impact and relieving traffic congestion."

The National Gateway is a public-private partnership that will create a more efficient rail route linking the East Coast's international deepwater ports and major consumption markets with population and manufacturing centers of the Midwest by increasing the use of double-stack trains. Double-stack trains deliver twice as many goods on one trip, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

With improved clearances, new terminals and greater capacity, the National Gateway will improve the flow of freight by rail, enhancing Maryland's consumer options and the Maryland Port Administration's ability to handle goods going to and coming from world markets. It will also increase market potential access for Maryland and the Port of Baltimore from seven to 20 cities.

Expanding capacity on the nation's railways will result in highway relief. Over 30 years, the National Gateway will shift 1.8 billion freight truck miles to rail and will save the state of Maryland more than $85 million in highway maintenance costs as a result of the decreased congestion on I-70, I-270, and I-95 in Maryland.

"There's a growing realization that the nation's recovery and future prosperity rest on a robust transportation infrastructure," added Ward. "Solutions such as the National Gateway are cost-effective infrastructure investments that will deliver long-term solutions for Maryland and the entire nation."

The GBC 2010 Transportation Summit brings together transportation advocates and experts to discuss a broad range of topics, including trains, roads, transit and bridges. More information is available at

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